Life Appraisal – Solo Talk Shwetha Krish – PD09

Hello, So Today it is me alone talking about Life Appraisal!

We often tend to neglect and taking account of our life and where we stand on our personal growth meter.Start now and Appraise your Life.

First question to ask yourself is “Am I happy?” If not list down the reasons as to what is stopping you to be happy?

Second question – “Am I in the best state of body and mind?” If not list down the reasons as to what is stopping you

Third questions- “Am I providing something of value to others be it in work or in your family or relationships?” If not list down the reasons as to what is hindering you

Fourth question- “Am I willing to take care of my wellbeing so that I can live life to the fullest which would in turn help in fostering better family relationships and also create better opportunities for myself in terms of work and passion?”

Life Appraisal with Shwetha Krish- Preneurship Diaries Podcast

If yes, then list down the steps or a plan or simply put down tentative schedule for a day then a week then a month then a year.You could do this exercise every day before you sleep.

Or you could do it weekly or monthly or yearly but it is important to take account of your life and also whether are you growing as a person which is the most important thing which we often neglect?

Well, it is left upto you to decide on how you want to take care of your wellbeing. If leaving your job for a while is not the answer, try to indulge in wellbeing- Yoga, Cycling, Painting, Dancing every day. Make sure they become a part of your lifestyle.

Also, try to inculcate your passions that you love to do. You never know when your passion could become your vocation for life. Make it work along with your current job, once you are able to make it financially or commercially viable then plan to quit your job if you are not happy with it.

Then of course plan and hustle hard with your passion as long as it makes you happy and you are able to provide something beneficial for others.

It is your Life, live the way you want to.

Life is so beautiful and all you need is a clear perception and understanding of Life. That can happen only when you turn inward and stop worrying about the external world.

I would like to leave you with one question-Would your life be worth if you had all the money, achievements and materialistic things but don’t have health and zest in life to enjoy it?

Or would you rather be hale and hearty each day of your life no matter the situation as long as you are creating something which is beneficial for others?Happy New Year to you all!

May you delve into the inner journey and become better versions of yourselves to make a better world!

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