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Today we have with us the Vyas Bhargav who is an eternal optimist with a constant thirst to know everything, his interest in Human mind and Philosophy has glued all the other pursuits together.  With a small stint in running a music academy, he paid a costly price to learn how a business functions. Battling  his own dichotomy in wanting to succeed and wanting to ‘Chill’, his journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride.Along with his fulltime job, he  runs a boutique video production agency, Talkingantsfilms along with his partner Pramod.

Interview on Preneurship Diaries Podcast with Vyas Bhargav

Highlights of the Talk:

  • One should have Resilience, Drive and Attitude to learn each day
  • Vyas’s journey and learnings from his first venture
  • TalkingAntsFilms- Boutique Video Production Agency – The journey
  • Synergy between customer’s views, goals of the project and what works best for the entire project
  • Have a Calendar and stick to a routine to ensure you are productive
  • Wellbeing of Body, Mind and Soul is important
  • Stop Thinking and Start Doing – the Mantra

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