Cooking a Successful Business | Interview with Sara Premkumar- PD39

Cooking a Successful Business | Interview with Sara Premkumar- PD39

Today we have with us Sara Premkumar

A person who has turned her passion into her profession!From masalas to mangoes to maavu( batter) All things are made or grown at home.That’s MahaRaasa for you where Sara traditionally ¬†prepares these Masalas, Batters, Podis, Pickles, Desi drink mixes and many more things and anyone across the world can buy them and enjoy ¬†food in the authentic Indian way!

Preneurship Diaries Podcast Interview with Sara Premkumar by Shwetha Krish on her journey into turning her passion for Cooking into a Profession

Highlights of the Talk:

  • Sara’s Passion for Cooking since Childhood
  • Goal to be a homemaker who enjoyed Cooking
  • Starting a first venture- Aviyal
  • Challenges involved which led to MahaRasa
  • Do the type of vessels we cook in add onto the dish with regards to taste and being healthy?
  • Sara’s source of learning and keeping herself updated
  • Exploring spices from across India
  • Variety of Products
  • Mango farm stories
  • Future plans
  • Learning, enjoying the journey and love from people
  • Running a business in the Pandemic
  • Wellbeing

Sara can be reached at

WhatsApp number: 9361196533



You can reach me at:






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