Cooking a Successful Business | Interview with Sara Premkumar- PD39

Today we have with us Sara Premkumar

A person who has turned her passion into her profession!From masalas to mangoes to maavu( batter) All things are made or grown at home.That’s MahaRaasa for you where Sara traditionally  prepares these Masalas, Batters, Podis, Pickles, Desi drink mixes and many more things and anyone across the world can buy them and enjoy  food in the authentic Indian way!

Preneurship Diaries Podcast Interview with Sara Premkumar by Shwetha Krish on her journey into turning her passion for Cooking into a Profession

Highlights of the Talk:

  • Sara’s Passion for Cooking since Childhood
  • Goal to be a homemaker who enjoyed Cooking
  • Starting a first venture- Aviyal
  • Challenges involved which led to MahaRasa
  • Do the type of vessels we cook in add onto the dish with regards to taste and being healthy?
  • Sara’s source of learning and keeping herself updated
  • Exploring spices from across India
  • Variety of Products
  • Mango farm stories
  • Future plans
  • Learning, enjoying the journey and love from people
  • Running a business in the Pandemic
  • Wellbeing

Sara can be reached at [email protected]

WhatsApp number: 9361196533

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maharasa.flavours/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MahaRasa.flavours

You can reach me at:

Pinterest- https://in.pinterest.com/ShwethaCKrish/

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