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We have looked into Minimalism in EP 20 – the link of which is in this episode description.But how can we incorporate Minimalism in our Business?

Could we actually do this?

Yes we can!

Let’s explore on what is Minimalism especially in an online business.

For a Minimalist Business person, Success isn’t about Money, Expanding to each and every continent and having products in all categories.

Minimalism in Business- Solo Talk by Shwetha Krish n Preneurship Diaries Podcast

For a Minimalist,

1. Success is about being Independent, having the freedom to take decisions and to make a profitable running business however small the business is.

2. He would be someone who looks into simplifying the process of conducting the business without much hassles and dependency on complex processes.

3. He would delegate or share the work with his team members.

A Minimalist would indulge in this freedom of running a business the way he wants to and also explore life or go on vacations when he wants to.

Does having a Minimalist Business entail we are giving the customer a not so efficient product or service?

Or does it mean, we have to cater to only a set product or service?

Absolutely not!

Let’s explore the Ways in which we can practise Minimalism in our Business.

1. Decide on what your business is aboutor Reassess your Business Strategiesfor an existing business-

2. Online Business?

3. Assess on Tools, Frameworks, Softwares-

4. Plan SMART Goals-

5. Delegate work-

6. Go Slow-

7. Automate and Declutter-Read more on the above out here – Minimalism in Business

Having a Minimalist Business is about enjoying the freedom to work on what you truly love doing and also to explore life and live the way you want to consciously and not being limited by time or money!

Episode 20- Minimalism in Real Life

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