I am Shwetha and have taken to exploring life one step at a time.

Yester Years

Previously, I worked in an MNC for about 3.5 years as a Human Resource Professional and I quit my job in 2015. Well, I wanted to seek and experience life and certainly not in the usual mundane way. So, I tried my hand at variety of things; be it Writing, Blogging, Photography, Social Media Marketing and Teaching. As I hit the wall wondering what next, I tapped onto the spiritual path. The passion to experience life in an intense way has come by more strongly through my spiritual journey.

Last Decade

The past 9 years have been truly insightful. I never thought I could have a freelancing business of my own, work from home efficiently and also exercise a minimalist attitude. For about 3 years, I have worked from home when I was in a Social media marketing freelancing gig. I have imbibed a few productivity hacks and working from home has been very fun and satisfying in my experience. Also, being a Solopreneur has helped me gain experience in a variety of skills. Let me tell you that I haven’t figured it out all but I am doing so with every moment.

Pandemic Saga

During the Pandemic, I started my Podcast, ‘Preneurship Diaries’ where I have interviewed Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Couple-preneurs about their business, entrepreneurial journey and the challenges they faced.

Post the Pandemic

I took to exploring the trekker in me and joined Indiahikes, a trekking organization where I worked as a Trek Leader for 2 years. I totally resonated with the vision of the organization-‘Everyone Must Trek, because it transforms lives!’ Being a facilitator and taking groups of people, children, families, Seniors, students from schools to IIMs across many Himalayan treks in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with people, nature and sowing the seeds of transformation in them.


Today as I have started my journey as a Life Coach, I am excited to touch people’s lives and help them see the magic within and support them in achieving their goals!

I am an ICF Certified Life Coach, Wellness Coach and an NLP Practitioner.

So, if you think you want to peek into my journey all the more and get some insights, you are truly welcome!