What is Minimalism?

“If one’s life is simple, contentment has to come. Simplicity is extremely important for happiness. Having few desires, feeling satisfied with what you have, is very vital: satisfaction with just enough food, clothing, and shelter to protect yourself from the elements.” -The Dalai Lama, 1935.

LESS is MORE! Minimalism is the way forward!

Well, you may think that Minimalism is about decluttering a lot of excess things and giving them away; well this is just a result of Minimalism.

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Minimalism is about prioritizing what is of value to you and that which is adding to your quality of life. That could mean discarding unwanted things, abusive relationships and unnecessary activities.

What are we presently doing?

We seem to be always in a rush to make more money, hoard the best stuff, get the modern gadgets, embrace a modern lifestyle as per the societal needs. Being glued to television sets, mobile phones and digital media platforms is the new norm and we seldom make raw human interactions / conversations with other people. We may unconsciously hoard non-essential possessions or get into relationships on a whim, involve in activities which are not adding value to your life and also get into debts for securing a future we haven’t seen!

Minimalism is about prioritizing what is of value to you and that which is adding to your quality of life.

In the process of expansion(which we see as Happiness) we are limiting to see and perceive the essentials of our life. To be happy, all one needs is some food, water, shelter, clothing, loving relationships and certain activities which bring out the best in you(well this could be debatable as to how much is enough).

My take on Minimalism…

I am a testament to the above; hoarding certain gadgets and trinkets, constantly being on the race for securing a comfortable future, well. it is only in these past 5 years that I have consciously decluttered a lot of physical possessions. In addition, I have worked on clearing negative thoughts which have time and again popped up on my mindscape. I have consciously worked on my expectations to be a better human being rather than aping myself to suit the expectations of others. I have learnt to embrace the changes, look within myself and accept the present because that is one thing which is inevitable at the moment.

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Minimalism In Real Life

In the past year, I came face to face with Minimalism In Real Life. I attended a residential program which had certain protocols of having just the essentials for a 7 month stay. This brought out the best in me:

  • I spent very little time in figuring out what to wear(as I hardly had 8-10 pair of clothing and just the bare essentials).
  • Fortunately, I spent less time thinking.Well, I mostly thought about the activity I was doing at the moment. There was no aimless and unnecessary thinking / brooding.
  • I gave myself completely to the activity that I was doing at that moment. This helped me to focus better and I was least bothered about the results. Well, naturally with utter focus and no distraction the results are bound to turn out good.
  • I spent time on activities and events which were of immense help to the community at large.
  • Consciously, I hardly spent any time on social media platforms, OTT platforms, Television. This has made me to look at life in a different perspective.
  • To be grateful everyday for what I have; be it relationships, certain possessions and most importantly being alive is something which makes me feel truly alive in each moment!

Continual Process

Minimalism is not just an attitude, it is a way of life. It is not a one-time thing that you finish off and be done with. It is a continual process of consciously learning and making an effort to bring Minimalism into your life; be it at your work, home, relationships, activities and most importantly within yourself!

Furthermore, Minimalism helps one to make SPACE

  • Physically; by clearing out unnecessary items / possessions and embracing less is more
  • Emotionally; where you discard hurtful and abusive relationships and nurture meaningful relationships
  • Spiritually; which makes one to delve and experience life within in a never-ending journey of seeking
  • Energy-wise; to be always open to life and make LIFE a CELEBRATION

It is a continual process of consciously learning and making an effort to bring Minimalism into your life; be it at your work, home, relationships, activities and most importantly within yourself!

Implementing Minimalism

Let’s see how to implement Minimalism In Real Life:

  • Home- It is always welcoming to walk into a spacious and decluttered home. We should try to clear out unwanted things from our closet, kitchen, drawing hall and garage. We need to declutter our sentimental items as well.
  • Office space- If you are working in an office or a working area at your home, make sure you declutter the space. Keep positive and minimal things around.
  • Relationships- Toxic relationships always bog us down or take more of our time and efforts. Working towards keeping genuine, healthy relationships is of utmost importance
  • Social Media, TV- We need to consciously steer ourselves away from the negativity on the media platforms. It is important in reducing our time on the idiot box as we need to make an effort in choosing what we watch or listen to.
  • Activities- For some, going to a fitness studio is probably just to showcase a modern lifestyle. We should choose our activities, hobbies, pastimes consciously which bring out the best in us and most importantly help us to grow.
  • Community Building / Strengthening- An activity beyond our own personal life by helping out or Volunteering for a cause is something we can delve into. This has helped me to introspect and become a better person.

More on implementing Minimalism in my next blog!


Certain Benefits which I have experienced after choosing Minimalism as a way of life are:

  1. More time and space to do the things I love
  2. I am not in a rush, I take life one breath at a time
  3. It helps me to create things which I had never imagined
  4. I am joyful always, I don’t need any reason to make me happy
  5. Volunteering is my choice not a pastime
  6. It feels great to get rid of unwanted things and relationships
  7. I am not stressed or depressed as I used to be
  8. More quality time to spend with family
  9. I am able to give sufficient time for my well-being which is of utmost importance
  10. Helps me to look life in the eye and be prepared for whatever comes by

We shall explore more on Minimalism in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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