7 Reasons to become an Entrepreneur

Becoming an Entrepreneur is risky and an adventurous journey. It is truly left for one to decide for himself / herself whether they want to don this cap. With that being said, it is also very liberating to taste the freedom and success of taking the plunge to be your own boss and pursue your passion.

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Some of us out here, are probably waiting for a break or just the right reasons to convince oneself to tread on this path. Many would be waiting to get away from the confines of a cubicle and also from the 9-5 routine of a job. Well, yes if you have the conviction to take the leap and want to make a difference to your own life and to other people and community as a whole, here are the reasons to strengthen your desires of being an entrepreneur.

Let’s look into the 7 Reasons to become an Entrepreneur:

1. Work from Anywhere and Anytime-

Being an entrepreneur gives one the independence to work in a flexible working environment and at flexible working hours. Depending on the business idea, one can work from the comforts of a home or a shared working space or one’s own office space. Furthermore, one can also work out of different cities and countries as long as one is connected to the Internet. Technology and infrastructure has paved way for many aspiring entrepreneurs to take the plunge and start a business of their own.

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2. Freedom to pursue one’s passion-

Starting a business by an entrepreneur at times is in line with their passion or hobby which they want to convert into a successful business. Some may have ideas which is relevant to the current problems in a society or industry as a whole. With this mindset, entrepreneurs can certainly bring about a solution and help the community at large. Also, some entrepreneurs want to bring about a change in the world and they step into the entrepreneurial shoes to achieve it.

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3. Making a difference to the community-

To bring about a change in the community or society they live in, is something which motivates people to take on entrepreneurship. This could relate to problems of unemployment, education, poverty, hygiene, well-being of the community and the environment. Businesses like these certainly inspire people to reach out and make a difference to the lives of others.

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4. Being your own Boss

Working within constraints, company stipulations and binding agreements in a company setup hampers one creativity and also possibilities. While an entrepreneur has the freedom to takes risks, explore the unknown and get involved with challenges. It brings out the best in a person and also the best possible solutions. To take a call whenever and wherever for the benefit of the business, customers is surely a blessing to any entrepreneur.

5. Be the change you wish to see in the world

Going by Gandhi’s quote, an entrepreneur can take on a change he/she wishes to see in this world. What one may think an idea as weird, out of the box or thoroughly impossible, an entrepreneur has the vision to make it happen and bring forth a change even before others have a chance to wonder how the business is so relevant for the generations to come.

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6. Opportunities galore to earn more

Being in a company fixed to one’s desk, fixed to a monthly income, fixed to a stagnant role will be things of the past when one is an Entrepreneur. Juggling between projects, meeting people from different walks of life and industries, sharing acumen with fellow entrepreneurs will be an everyday spectacle. Ample earning opportunities piles up when one is addressing a challenge or problem with a reliable solution. An entrepreneur takes on different roles as he/she seems fit for the business. One could be an analyst, a consultant, a developer, a tester, a manager, a creative artist, well the list goes on!

7. Nurturing Creativity and Learning on the go

It is never a dull day for an Entrepreneur. For one to have a successful business, the entrepreneur has to have basic knowledge in all aspects. With ever changing technologies, softwares, skills need to be constantly updated. That gives an opportunity for the entrepreneur to learn everyday on the go while running a business. Trying out various ideas, strategies, learning new skills and testing workable solutions is a constant endeavor for an Entrepreneur. They never stop learning and that’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur.

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So are you ready to step into the shoes of an Entrepreneur?

We may think we are not ready and we still need some more time to secure some amount of money for the future. But this is a vicious cycle and you will never take the step.

All you need is take one step ahead at a time, for this journey is calling onto you and you are ready!

PS: You must be wondering about my entrepreneurial journey, well you can read it here!

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