65 Ideas to start off as a Solopreneur


I am sure you are excited to know as to what are the various avenues or Ideas to start off as a Solopreneur and being your own Boss.

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There are a lot of opportunities and ideas waiting for you to grab and become one. Let’s look into these Ideas one by one

1. Online Tutor-

If you have the acumen and expertise to teach a particular skill, you can become an Online Tutor. You could teach Subjects, Languages, Musical Instruments, Art, Baking, Designing a product etc.

2. Business Consultant-

You might have all the skills of running and managing a business online. With your expertise you can consult other small businesses to help move forward.

3. Financial Consultant-

If you have the experience in financial aspects and have worked in Banks, Insurance Companies you can start an online business of a Financial Consultant. Any small businesses these days or Solopreneurs would certainly need expert advice from a finance professional.

4. Virtual Assistant

Many small businesses or even big companies are in need of people who can take care of Business Emails, Calls, Scheduling and Planning of Social Media Management. You could provide your services and be a Virtual Assistant right from your home.

5. WordPress Theme Designers

Websites are a must for any online business these days or they are a requirement for a Company to showcase their work to the customers. Many websites run on WordPress CMS and if you are a Designer who could provide WordPress Themes then that can be your opportunity and business.

6. Software Developer

With many Websites, Applications, companies creating a product or offering a service need efficient tools to manage their work. Softwares are much needed for managing work efficiently and providing a quality output be it be in any field. If you are a Software Developer you can offer your service based on the projects of your choice and at your convenient time.

7. Business Writing

Business Writing is a skill and a requirement for any company where quality emails, letters is a must when interacting with professional clientele.
You can provide these services from the comforts of your home to any company or agencies or businesses who seek your service.

8. Resume Writing

Many people struggle to write their Resumes. If you are proficient in the language and know what best needs to be written in a Resume and are aware of the Keywords, you can provide this service professionally to students, job seekers etc.

9. Course Creator-

If you have the knowledge in creating and planning a Course Curriculum for any subject or online skill, you have galore opportunities to help training institutes, companies, online workshop tutors and entrepreneurs.

10. Businesss Coach

A Business Coach is one who guides you through the process of Ideation, Creation, Planning, Executing and Reviewing a particular task needed for your business. He or she may not indulge in specific matters but drive you to work on certain strategies which would make your business profitable and successful.

11. Life and Career Coach

Likewise, A Life and Career Coach takes you through the aspects of Life Skills and also mentors you through any challenges you are facing. This can be done as a workshop.

12. Transcription Specialist

One who transcribes any Audio into Text is a Transcription specialist. Many companies, Court proceedings, Medical Examinations need transcribers to convert the audio into text, this paves way for a lot of opportunities.

13. Freelance Project Manager-

If you are a PMP or have experience in managing Projects for companies then you can offer your service as a Freelance professional.

14. Tax Consultant

If you have experience and knowledge in Taxation Laws, Financial Aspects then you can provide services as a Tax Consultant.

15. Web Research Consultant

Every company needs researchers to research about customers, competitors, monitor and track their buying behaviour or competitors strategies or marketing plans. If you are good at researching then this could become your business.

16. Chatbot Marketer

Many companies and businesses want to connect with customers and address their query right away and also get high conversion rates. That’s where Chatbots play a crucial role. If you can build chatbots then you can indulge in this business.

17. Online PR Business

If you are good at Marketing, Branding, Networking then you can start a Public relations Business to cater to many clients.

18. Ad Manager

Running Ads for getting leads and potential customers is the priority of any Ad across many Social Media Platforms. If you are someone who is experienced in running Ads and generating growth or conversion then you can be Ad Manager or Consultant.

19. Online Recruiter

If you are Human Resource Professional having the knowledge and experience of Recruitment, then you can start your own service of recruiting people for specific position in your client companies.

20. Baker

A Baker can start online business of selling their products and also tutor newbies on the art of Baking.

21. Blogger

A Blogger is someone who talks about a particular genre or multiple genre in series of posts. They can monetize their blog by providing products or courses and can also leverage on affiliate marketing.

22. Copywriter / Editor

Having a good eye in grammar, spelling mistakes, writing style can help one to become an Editor or Copywriter. Many companies, authors, agencies need Editors.

23. Artist

An Artist can sell their products and also teach their Art to interested students for a fee. One could be a Painter, Sculptor, Pottery Enthusiast or any artist in any field.

24.Legal Writer

They can write documents related to law for companies, businesses like case summaries, notices, briefs etc. This can be a service which you can offer provided you have knowledge about the Laws, legal aspects and the acumen.

25. Website Designer

In an age where every small business or Entrepreneur or Self-employed have a website, you can provide your services a as a In an age where every small business or Entrepreneur or Self-employed professionals have a website, you can provide your services as a website designer. Anyone can be a website designer as today most of the CMS platforms are easy to build and doesn’t require much expertise.

26. App Designer / Developer

Again, with many businesses trying to reach out to customers, Apps are essential and they need to be user friendly. That’s where the acumen and expertise of an App developer comes into play.

27. Illustrator

An illustration is a visual presentation or interpretation of a text. If one is adept in drawing, designing then one can offer these services to any company or digital medium.

28. Jewellery Designer

If you are good at creating jewellery designs out of fabric or paper or any unique material then you can start selling your jewellery online and also teach how to create one as well.

29. Author e-books-

If you are an expert in some genre you could write and create e-books and sell it on Kindle publishing or other publishing agencies.

30. Comics Creator

If you are good in writing, creating Illustrations you could sell comics or teach the art of creating comics. Or you can also provide your services to Animation businesses.

31. Photographer

You could take freelance projects like Event Photography, Travel Photography, Model Photography, Product Photography with people, companies. You could also sell your images as Stock photos, merchandise etc.

32. Graphic Designer

If you can design brochures, reports, templates for businesses, magazines you can start off with an online service.

33. Freelance Writer

If one is good in Writing, he/she can write content for Websites, Businesses or for particular online forums or other media.

34. Social Media Marketer

If you are tech-savvy and have a general idea about the various social media platforms, then one can manage the various handles of
companies, create Content, Ads, Promotions, build the brand and engage with the customers along with trying to generate leads.

35. Affiliate Marketer

One can get paid for advertising about other companies’ products / services on their own websites, blogs, podcasts, social media platforms etc.

36. Podcaster

One can talk about a particular topic or engage with fellow professionals on a particular niche topic. Once you gain audience then you can advertise and make money.

37. Social Media Influencer

If you are an expert in a particular field, you can be an Influencer on Social Media. You can put across sponsored content on your forums and make money through paid promotions, affiliate marketing etc.

38. Event planner

Putting up a successful event is possible when you know what the clients need, implementing it and also by giving a better service. If you have the expertise to manage the event; transport, decoration, food, resources, materials, other professionals needed for the event then you can start a small event management company initially and then scale up.

39. Public Speaker

If communication and networking is your forte then you can become a public speaker. You can talk at company conferences, events, public events.

40. Youtuber

One can start a YouTube channel on anything and with minimal cost. But one has to constantly produce engaging content to gain a great deal of audience and start making money.

41. Merchandiser / T-short designer

If you want to create your own Merch as a T-shirt Designer you can do so and sell it to other companies or you can sell them yourself on your own website or e-commerce sites.

42. Online Course Creator

One can create a Course structure on any particular concept or skills and provide online templates or strategies for the businesses or entrepreneurs.

43. Beautician / Make-up Artist / Stylist-

If you are interested in styling a person you can think about opportunities as a Beautician / Make-up Artist.

44. Nutritionist

If you are a Nutrition expert / Dietician you can think about providing counselling and advise to people online through consultations.

45. Masseuse / Masseur-

If you are a certified massage therapist then you can provide these services.

46. Dog Walker / Pet care professionals

Well, this has become a norm now. You can take care of others’ pets when they are on a vacation and also walk dogs when they are away from home for a specified time and period.

47. Insurance Consultant

A person who is well-versed in the current financial aspects and Insurance policies of various companies can become an Insurance consultant who can guide other people or businesses in making decisions about investing in the right places.

48. Travel Consultant

If you are someone who likes to travel and want to help people in planning a budget trip or guiding them along the trip, becoming a travel consultant is a good option.

49. Gardener

If someone loves gardening or is into permaculture, one can teach others through workshops or online classes.If someone loves to garden or is into permaculture, one can teach through workshops or online classes.

50. Translator

If one is well versed in many languages then one can be a Translator either as a Speaker or Writer. This might also include traveling to other places which is a bonus.

51. Personal Trainer

Physical fitness has become a fad and everyone wants to be healthy and fit. With that many people hire fitness trainers who can help them out in their regime to build a fit body.

52. Animator

You can have an animation business if you are good in creating 2D/3D animations, videos. You can work on short films or videos pertaining to the customers’ requests.

53. Stock Trader

Those who have the acumen of the markets and good in analytics then trading can be a feasible option in making money. With that being said, one has to be very diligent in watching the share prices and making calls as to when to buy and sell.

54. Logo Designer

If you are good in designing, aesthetics and have marketing acumen you can create logos for companies and this can be your business.

55. E-commerce forum seller

If you have your own products to sell, you can identify a supplier and sell these off from your own e-commerce website.

56. Dropshipping

Certain Vendors use Dropshippers to source products from suppliers and deliver it to the customer. This could be one way of creating a small business.

57. Video Editor

Video Editing has become a much wanted skill because many businesses are into making videos for their audience pertaining to products, services and want to make it more attractive. Hence a skill of a Video Editor is of much value.

58. Sound Engineer-

If you have a Studio and have knowledge about music, one can become a Sound Engineer where one can record sound or music for Games, TV etc.

59. SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization is a must for every competing company websites or blogs. An expert who is aware about creating a rich content blog which can be ranked at the top is a requirement for any company or business.

60. Technical Writer-

A technical writer needs to have knowledge of a particular concept or niche and provide content for any new technology or otherwise. They are sought after in the fields of Medical, Engineering, Technology etc.

61. Email Marketing Coach / Consultant –

Emails is of much importance in gaining leads and connecting with prospective clients be it analysing clicks and analytics of emails sent. Hence, if you are someone who can cater to this area then you can be Email Marketing coach.

62. Business creating SaaS

Software as a Service projects can be taken and it gives the person the leeway to act as someone between an App and Software developer. One must be able to fix bugs, update software etc.

63. Coding Workshop Coach

Coding is here to stay with many new technologies and softwares coming up every other day. You can offer your services to companies or you can teach amateurs on coding skills and conduct workshops.

64. Bookkeeper-

One can provide services of Bookkeeping for a business or a company.

65. House-sitter or Nanny-

One can take care of the elderly or kids and provide their services to various families in their neighbourhood or in companies as well.One can take care of the elderly or kids and provide their services to various families in their neighbourhood or in companies as well.One can take care of the elderly or kids and provide their services to various families in their neighbourhood or in companies as well.

Well that’s a whole lot of options and Ideas to kickstart your Solopreneur stint!

Are you ready? I am sure there might be a lot ideas and plans running in your mind.

Take it slow and select an opportunity on what you are good at.

Gear up, the time is NOW!

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Also, apart from all these Ideas you do have any other opportunities where one can start off as a Solopreneur, please let me know in comments!

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