How I became a Solopreneur?


Finally, here it is. I know I have been endlessly talking about being an Entrepreneur and Solopreneur and giving certain tips.

But today through this post I am going to tell you about my Solopreneur journey.

To give you the context, I studied Computer Science and Engineering and then went on to do MBA in Human Resource Management. Then I worked in a Indian MNC for about 3.5 years.

At this point, I was really frustrated by my routine of work and I had a constant feeling of emptiness. And somewhere deep down I questioned myself ‘Am I happy?’ There was no answer to it and I knew for sure I had to explore my life.


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Post a couple of treks in the Himalayas and Western Ghats, I decided to quit my job. I think the treks and being closer to nature helped me uncover the veil of ignorance and the illusory life.

I received quite a mouthful from a few colleagues, relatives, family, friends as to why I am taking this step.

They were shocked to know that I was not leaving for any prospective job or educational purpose but to explore life.

I had no clue what I would do. But I wanted to breathe, take a moment to introspect and explore life one step at a time.

I was happy I was done with the mundane.


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Shortly, I enrolled for a Distance Learning Creative Writing Program and also started trekking to the Himalayas every year and also traveled to other places.

I caught the Photography bug as well and a few of my travel articles and short story were published in newspapers, online magazines and travel blog sites. Later, I went onto publish my own Coffee Table Photo Book on Himalayas.

Meanwhile, I worked in a couple of startups and also met my future client in a networking event.

After a few months, I received a call from him asking me if I could help out in Social Media Marketing for his Company handles.

With very little personal experience, I hesitantly said yes but I was confident that I would learn and offer the best of the services.

Within a year I had 4 clients and I was deep into Social Media Marketing, Creating Content, Writing articles for their blogs, LinkedIn pages. This helped me to gain certain skills related to Marketing and also various Social Media platforms.

I had to find the right balance between work and life. Initially, it was overwhelming but as the months passed by I was confident and handling around 5 clients. Also, I was an Asst. Teacher at Young Entrepreneurs Academy, India where we were nurturing and helping children between the ages 11-16 on Entrepreneurship.


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The 2 years of me being a Solopreneur and being a part of YEA, India helped me to gather skills, business acumen and perspectives from fellow entrepreneurs, companies and consultants.

Along with the above I was also exploring the Spiritual path. I made Inner well-being a priority in my life. That helped me to balance my life, to tackle challenging situations and to be joyful always no matter the situation.

This journey is exhilarating and there is no end to it. Because each day is unique and you make the best out of each moment.

I took a break from what I was doing for about a year. I attended a Inner well-being program called Sadhanapada!

This program has helped to change myself for the better and live a fulfilling life. The journey is ON.

And now I am back to being a Solopreneur and exploring various avenues as we speak.

The important lessons that I have learnt are:

Be open and willing to get out of your comfort zone

If you are wanting to get out of the mundane routine and explore life beyond your comfort zone then take the first step towards it.

When you start putting your efforts and are passionate about what you want to do, the opportunities and the chances open up. You need to be ready to take it. You can always learn on the go. Don’t belittle yourself saying that you are not ready for it.

Learning is constant for a Solopreneur

Being a Solopreneur or Entrepreneur keeps you on the edge. You need to constantly update your skills, your knowledge about a particular concept. Learning never ends. Through this once can gain acumen over the years and also from fellow entrepreneurs and consultants. Learning is not fixed to a classroom or a session. Every professional that you meet, every webinar you attend online, any business talks you attend, any networking platforms or forums you are a part of is where you learn. Your eyes and ears need to be open and ready to grab opportunities.

Grab opportunities when you are starting out-

When you are starting out, it is always best to dive into the opportunities that come by. You can’t wait for the right opportunity to show up. It seldom happens. The first few gigs or projects are those where you learn, gain knowledge, develop acumen and experience the life of being a Solopreneur. This phase is very exciting as you are new to it and you can gain and also learn from your mistakes.

Once you are steady in your approach and services. You can then go and look out for the right opportunities.

Some books and a planter with a sign which says 'Lady Boss'

Designate a separate place and time for work

Whatever be your business, always make sure to make some space at your home or shared working space or a cafe for your work and also chalk out the time for work. If you are connecting with clients, make sure you tell them the timings or hours that you would be available.

It is always best to reach out to your clients every week over a call or in person to discuss on the progress of the work in case you are a service oriented business. If your business is about selling products, make sure all the processes and procedures are in place.

Having a designated space and time, helps you to be aware that you are at work. It is best to inform your family at home that you will be available at work in these designated hours so that there are no distractions.

Be Honest and Humble-

Honesty goes a long way. Don’t ever try to fool your clients. If you have made a mistake or a particular service or product is not working, inform the clients that it is so. You can always buy some time to rectify the mistake and get back to the client.

Humility is very much essential in today’s world. Being egotistical about your business and also with clients will surely go down. Try to be grateful for the things you have and the things that you are learning through various opportunities that are coming your way.

Though I had never thought that I would become a Solopreneur, certain opportunities came by and which have made me the person that I am today!

But I confess I wanted to be my own boss, have my own routine, do the things I loved and make work joyful. I have most certainly achieved that. I have also chosen avenues which give me time to travel and work on my inner well-being!


Well here are 65 Ideas for you to start of us a Solopreneur!

What’s your story?

I am waiting to hear from you.

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