Minimalism and Productivity

Minimalism and Productivity

You may wonder, “How are they related?” or “Do they go hand in hand?”

Minimalism does make us Productive. Less is surely more! Confusing?!

Let’s look into How Minimalism fosters Productivity.

Well we have looked into Minimalism and Productivity as separate concepts in my previous blog posts but in this blog post, let’s look into how Minimalism can be a Productive Tool.

Minimalism, A laptop, mouse  and phone placed on a table

Lesser Clutter- Physically and Mentally

Decluttering our Physical spaces and also decluttering our minds from past memories and future imaginations is a start for having a productive day!

We all need to tackle the mess that could be in our homes like clothes strewn around, unwashed dishes, half-done activities etc. The clutter in our mind also need to be addressed either through Introspection or Journaling or Meditation whichever suits your needs!

Lesser distractions

This accounts for all the irrelevant activities done at an inappropriate time. Like watching a movie when you have a deadline to adhere to in the next few minutes or an important meeting with a client. One could plan the day accordingly to avoid stress. When working from home there could be a whole lot of distractions, it is best to tell the people concerned about your work timings. Distractions wouldn’t come into play as long as one is involved with the task at hand in that moment.

Lesser gadgets

It is always best to keep it simple! Keep only the gadgets or technical resources which are needed for your work. There isn’t a need to buy the top class gadgets just because you are starting work in a new company. You can start off with minimal but much needed resources than buying expensive and irrelevant ones.

The tools and gadgets shouldn’t add to the clutter and overwhelm you. It is best to make efficient use of the resources present with you.

This also goes for using Gadgets as a distraction when you have tons of work to do!

Minimalism, Books arranged on a table alongwith an antique camera, rolls and showpiece

Lesser compulsive activities

One should practice consciously working on activities rather than mindlessly doing things. This would avoid stress and unnecessary goof-ups. If one can be involved with the job at hand- it could be either doing laundry or creating a presentation or writing an article, the joy and satisfaction of doing that job with utter involvement at that moment can be truly amazing! It is all about being in the PRESENT moment! Everything is about NOW!

Lesser the talk

Well when at work or when one is doing a job – it is best to keep the talking to a minimal unless it is very much required to talk to the stakeholders concerned to complete the activity.

When you don’t talk irrelevantly then your focus is on the job concerned and it helps to be productive and finish the job with ease!

Well these are just a few ways in which Minimalism fosters Productivity. There could be more ways. But for now see if this resonates with you and if you are able to accomplish being productive by accepting Minimalism in your way of Life.

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