How to start living a Minimalist Lifestyle

Are you pondering on where to start?

Have you read about Minimalism and are wondering how to incorporate it in your life?

Probably you have decluttered a few things but then are you thinking about the next steps?

Well, my previous blog posts on Minimalism, Digital Minimalism and Decluttering with 6 Rules of KonMari method must have given you an idea about Minimalism.

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Let’s see how to put it to practice and also to embrace Minimalism in our lifestyle.

1. Assess your current Lifestyle and the clutter in your home, job and life-

  • Take a step back and assess your buying, hoarding and spending tendencies.
  • Assess the compulsive buying of certain items; what are they and the frequency of buying
  • Think about the last time that you cleaned an area of your home or office space; was it done thoroughly
  • Also assess the redundant, unused things in your job or workspace
  • Reassess your life and the relationships that you have

2. Decluttering is a continuous ongoing process-

You need to make decluttering as a part of your life.

And no it does not end as soon as you declutter most of the areas in your home. There are things which become irrelevant in the coming days or stay unused.

One also need to understand that decluttering the mind is also a healing process. This needs to happen often and is certainly good for our mental health.

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3. Conscious Buying-

Decluttering does not mean that you end up cleaning things at home and you are done.

Let’s take a step back, when you go shopping or purchase online, buy the things only which is of necessity to you. Consciously assess the need and relevance during shopping. Only when you start doing this, do you embrace Minimalism right from the point of your purchase. This means that you will only be getting what is necessary to your home which is already decluttered!

4. Quality over Quantity-

One point to remember along with Conscious Buying is to buy quality products because they would last longer even if they are a bit expensive. This rules out the possibility of you buying a particular item repeatedly and which would add to the clutter and more things to clean and declutter in the long run.

One need not have to fill in empty spaces or wardrobes, it is fine. Just have the things that are necessary! It is alright to have an empty space and that would be perfect to sit and meditate! Ain’t that right?

5. Categorize the things in each area of your home / office-space-

Categorizing the things would give you an idea as to where to find what and what goes where. This would add on to your productivity in any routine.

Assembling the things which go together, brings about a certain harmony and balance in the space. You must try this out if you haven’t!

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Make sure you stick to this process of buying, then cleaning and discarding unused things.

The scenario should not be that you buy things for 8 months in a row and then start to declutter in the 9th month and it doesn’t work that way.

Cleaning and discarding if need be should happen periodically.

7. Be Grateful-

Be grateful to each and everything that you have; be it be things, relationships.

Expressing this to people or in your journal can make a whole lot of difference to the quality of your life!

Gratitude helps one to focus on the essential things that matter to life.

Well, don’t wait any further and get started in embracing the Minimalist Lifestyle.


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