Business of Wooden Developmental Toys | Interview with Uma and Puneet -PD14

Business of Wooden Developmental Toys | Interview with Uma and Puneet -PD14

Today we have with us Uma and Puneeth.

Uma is the mother of two precious kids (after whom their brand name was coined), a boy and a girl. She is the founder of Thasvi, an Indian Montessori toy brand. When she began to research about the Montessori method of education, she learnt that there was a lack of developmental toys in India that were safe for children. With the help of her husband, Puneeth decided to launch Thasvi. Thasvi is a home grown venture dedicated to providing high quality, child safe wooden toys.

Highlights of the Talk:

  • Challenges they faced which made them to start Thasvi
  • How Montessori developmental material is different from regular toys
  • Sourcing, Designing, Assembling of the materials
  • Traveling challenges on the journey
  • Artisans of India
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Children – Independence from a young age (Montessori way of learning applicable in all areas)
  • Entrepreneurial journey¬†
  • Surviving and learnings during the Pandemic
  • Being grateful
  • Wellbeing
  • Productivity while being Parents and Entrepreneurs
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