Business of Joyful Creation | Interview with Shailaja Vishwanath -PD13

Business of Joyful Creation | Interview with Shailaja Vishwanath -PD13

Today we have with us Shailaja Vishwanath.

Shailaja is a blog and social media coach with over 13 years of blogging experience. Her website, Blogging and Social Media Simplified, aims to simplify the art of content creation down to easy-to-comprehend bytes of information. Her intention is to help creators grow a loyal audience of engaged readers, clients and customers while tapping into their passion. She conducts 1-on-1 coaching sessions, group calls and webinars together with courses and e-books to help people find that special spark and enjoy the work that they do.

Shailaja V- Blogging and Social Media Coach, Business of Joyful Creation, Preneuship Diaries Podcast

Highlights of the Talk:

  • Learnings from being a Freelancer, Subject Matter Expert, Writer, Editor
  • Practical Approach for exploring a Passion
  • Blogging Journey
  • Steps to start a business
  • Need to have a blog for any business
  • Learnings from being a Solopreneur
  • Learnings from being a Mompreneur
  • Rest | Reset | Rejuvenate
  • 7 Day Blog Reboot Program, Sessions which Shailaja conducts
  • Authentic Connections 
  • Women Entrepreneurs Support Group
  • Art of Joyful Creation
  • Tiny Habits –

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