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Hope you listened and enjoyed to the previous episode of Being Doing Having Series!

Today I am going to talk about DOING.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about DOING?


Being, Doing, Having- Part 2, Preneurship Diaries Podcast

Three decades of my Life I have constantly aimed at DOING THINGS with the RESULT in mind. The MAJOR things that I wanted to DO were related to Education, Job, Career, Milestones.

I want you to make a note on the words I used in my previous sentence– MAJOR THINGS, RESULT.

This had led me to work in the mode of – Thinking about HAVING a particular thing and then DOING it. That’s where I went wrong. With the result in mind, I ended up doing things unconsciously.

Lately, I have come to realize that DOING is all about being involved with anything that is being done at that point in time. It is that simple.

It doesn’t matter whether the work is IMPORTANT OR NOT.

It doesn’t matter whether the work is BIG or SMALL.

It doesn’t matter whether the work you do is based on your LIKES AND DISLIKES.

All that matters is DOING anything with utter involvement and what is needed to be done at that point in time.

You may wonder what are the things to be done at that point in time.

For instance, after waking up – you would be brushing your teeth and not start painting right!

To reiterate don’t tag anything you DO into Important, Big, Small, Relevant………. This would in turn discriminate the things that you would have to do and within no time you would have separate buckets labelled as IMPORTANT, BIG, SMALL etc. This would hamper the joy of leading a Life as you would be choosing only a pile of things which you think is Important. This could leave you miserable, frustrated, anxious, depressed!Life as such doesn’t come up with Important, Big things to be done! Life is to be lived every moment. And by discriminating the things and labelling things only makes things worse and makes us devoid of the joy of Life in its entirety!

When I started to DO things without labelling them as Important, Big, Small, Relevant – I enjoyed doing any task or work or chore thrown at me. And with me being totally involved in that moment gave me that sheer stillness.

I didn’t have to bother about the results because when anything is done with utter Involvement, it is sure to find its way in a beautiful positive result without us having to pursue it.

It doesn’t matter what you DO in Life, all that matters is HOW you do it!

You could be a Gymnast, a teacher, a scientist, a vendor, a musician, an artist, an healthcare worker, all that matters is HOW you go about DOING it and doesn’t matter what YOU DO.

What you DO doesn’t define you!

What you DO isn’t your Identity!

What you DO doesn’t really matter!

All that matters is HOW you DO it!

When this becomes your way of Life, you can surely DO anything in Life.

You could also be successful in things which you may not have forayed into. Trust me I am talking about this from experience.Why not Try an exercise- of living a day without labelling any tasks or work. See how you feel and jot down in your journal if need be. Try this for a week or a month. Notice any changes in your life. Introspect, Retrospect and consciously live your Life!

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