Reframing of Business | Interview with Sudhakar Nandury – PD02

Sudhakar Nandury is a Business Coach for MSMEs and start ups for the last 3 years.He has been in the field of Branding and communication for 30 years.He is passionate about Shifting the mind-sets of MSME business owners to improve their BUSINESS PERFORMANCE and taking them to a different level of operations.He focuses On: Streamline working systems, Create job profiling and Bench marking , Identify the work flow and its bottle necks. Supporting employees in their professional development, Streamlining internal and external communication, Branding your company / Product /Services.He is currently Working as a business coach for a Garment Manufacturing concern in Ahmedabad and Unakku- Fashion Studio in Mumbai.Episode Highlights:

  • Opportunities, Passion and Commitment
  • Reframing, a perspective to Coaching
  • Three pillars of business
  • Relevance of a Business Coach
  • Automation and Digitization – The way forward
  • Productivity
  • Enjoying the journey

You can reach out to him at [email protected]: https://www.catalyst.guru/You can reach out to me at [email protected] me on Instagram and Pinterest @shwethackrish.Please do leave comments if you liked this episode! And do share with your friends!

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