Start with WHY in Business

I have spoken about various businesses, marketing, challenges, sources of income, passion, consistency, protocols, products, services, avenues, teams, Financial management and whole lot of other things related to business and an entrepreneur through my Podcast episodes but there is one important thing which is the reason behind starting a business or a venture.

So, today, I am going to address the question we probably overlook is WHY!

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“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”

Simon Sinek

When anyone wants to start a business – the probable question one asks others or oneself is “What business should I start?” or “What should I do to make money?” or “What is the market open for now?”

Ain’t that right?

These questions are relevant but before all these there is one major question which one needs to ask oneself.


“Why should I start a business?”

“Why do I need to put out a product or a service?”

Most companies or people start with WHAT and end up feeling confused when the business is not successful because they don’t have their WHY defined out?

As Simon Sinek rightly puts out that people buy your products or services because they relate or resonate with your WHY.

Once the WHY is sorted out, the HOW to do it and WHAT to do it will readily fall into place.

To elaborate:

  • WHY talks about: purpose
  • HOW talks about: USP or how you are going to execute your business
  • WHAT talks about: Your product or services

For instance, TATA is a global brand, we do know what all they do, which industries they are in and how different they are from other companies. They have made impact to the minds of not just Indian people but people across the world because of their WHY?

Their WHY is all about nation building, employment creation and talent skills acquisition! They could stand for other things as well but you know what I am talking about.

It is all about the WHY.

Addressing the WHY needs to happen intrinsically, within yourself as someone who wants to be entrepreneur. One you are sorted inside the HOW and the WHAT will follow suit and there your business is out there.

If you are still are not CLEAR about your WHY, then it is time to pay attention and figure out the WHY.

In my own personal experience, when I decided to start this Podcast, Preneurship Diaries– I questioned myself, WHY should I be doing this?

But to my surprise my WHY was clear to me- I wanted to help people gain insights into Entrepreneurship, help people to take that step, to share stories of real Entrepreneurs and their challenges in running a business, wanted to show people the possibility of pursuing their passion and making it a reality! That is what my Podcast stands for!

The HOW and the WHAT have fell into place beautifully well.

A red question mark

When I have shared with Interviewees about Why I started this Podcast, they readily say YES because they believed in my WHY and not the HOW and WHAT!

Well, so start with WHY!

Never too late to restrategize the way you operate your business or Life for that matter.

I think the biggest lesson is to ask yourself WHY you are at this particular JOB or WHY you are you leading a LIFE like this.

The WHY is applicable to your LIFE as well which is your biggest and important venture!

It is time to look within for your business or your LIFE!

Start with Why and I shall leave you to it.

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