Art of Mini Retirements | Interview with Praveen Ashok- PD19

Today we have with us Praveen Ashok

Praveen Ashok’s rendezvous with nature started a few years ago when he set out to look for birds with his photography equipment for company. Since then, there has been no looking back. He is an HR professional, but while not at work or on a nature escapade, he loves to engage with people, especially children, by conducting awareness sessions on nature and wildlife, specifically birds. He along with his friend and spouse recently formed the Hollow Bones Trust, a non-profit education initiative focused on birds and nature exploration.A seeker as he would like to call himself, did attempt a year long career break to pursue his passion in the field of Nature & Wildlife. To fund his projects, he takes up wedding photography projects.

Art of Mini Retirements, Hollow Bones, Timelapse Studios, Lenstrails with Praveen Ashok, Preneurship Diaries Podcast

Highlights of the Talk:

  • His journey into Photography
  • Exploring the genres of Wildlife and Wedding Photography
  • His experience of taking a break and pursuing his passion for Travel and Photography
  • Learning and Challenges on his Solopreneur journey
  • Concept of Mini Retirements 
  • Wedding Photography experience -Gear
  • Wildlife Photography experience – Gear
  • Hollow Bones Initiative for the young minds – Workshop, Age criteria
  • Favorite Wildlife photo-shoot locations
  • Cycling and upcoming Motorcycle expedition
  • Experience during the Pandemic
  • Wellbeing

Praveen can be reached at [email protected]

1. Hollow Bones Trust: http://hollowbones.in/ ; Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollowbones.in/

2. Nature & Wildlife: http://www.lenstrails.com/ ; Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lenstrails/

3. Wedding Photography: http://www.time-lapsestudios.com/ ; Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timelapsestudios/

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