Be Ready for the Change

eagle soaring in the sky with a forest background

As beings we stick to what is comfortable and familiar because that’s what makes us feel safe and secure.

I gather I have been someone who used to love being in the Comfort Zone and the fact that it worked for me. Rather let me put it across by saying that it had worked for me because I did have my OCD levels hitting a new high every day back during my growing years as a Child.

However, the experiences, challenges, meeting new people brought about CHANGE! At times, I welcomed it and at times I detested the pain that I had go through to change.

Retrospectively, I am so glad Change has become a way of my being. I truly resonate with ‘Change is Constant’ and ‘Change is inevitable!’

Yesterday, I heard this story and it made me think about Change, the readiness for it, the courage to change and most importantly embracing it for the better.

Here goes the story of the Eagle who thought she was a Chicken.

One fine day, a farmer saw an eaglet falling from a tree. He picked it up and with no nest nearby, he took her to his barnyard and placed it with the chickens.

By and by the eaglet grew but she behaved liked the chickens around her; pecking and scratching the ground for food, flying up a bit in the air only to fall back to the ground.

She thought nothing about her life for she was doing what the chickens were doing and thinking that she was one among them.

On yet another fine day, a Naturalist comes over to the barnyard and he watches this eagle behaving like a chicken. He is amused and asks the farmer, ‘Why is the Eagle in the barnyard and behaving like a chicken?”

The farmer responded, “She thinks and feels that she is a chicken.”

The Naturalist retorted and said let me take her and make her fly, for she is an Eagle after all. The farmer agreed and both of them took the Eagle and just outside the fence, the Naturalist held her high up in his hands. He whispered to the Eagle, “Fly, you are an Eagle!”

The Eagle looks at the barnyard where other chickens are and flies back to them.

The Naturalist returns the next day and he wants to help her fly again.

He takes the eagle atop the farmhouse and holds her in his hands high up facing the sky. He tells her again, ” “Fly, you are an Eagle!”

The eagle looks up and turns to the side where the other chickens are and flies back to them.

The third day, the Naturalist is back to give it another shot.

Today, he takes the Eagle atop a small hill and holds her up to the sky.

Again he goes, “Fly, you are an Eagle! You belong to the sky!”

The Eagle looks at the sky, to the sunlight piercing through her eyes. As she is unable to see the barnyard, she feels jittery yet she flutters her wings. Aiming to the sky above, she takes the leap and uses her wings to fly ahead, higher, higher and higher!

As being the Eagles of our own Life, are we ready to soar high or stick to our comfort zones even when there are people to inspire us, motivate us or experiences that nudge us?

Do we have the Courage?

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