Team Indus, a private startup launching a Rover to the Moon this December 2017!


It was a delight when I was told we are visiting Team Indus as part of the YEA! India field trip. I was as or more excited as the children were.

Team Indus started out initially as a small group of friends who registered for the Google Lunar Xprize competition in 2010 which was open since 2007 to entrepreneurs, private entities world-wide to be a part of the space exploration which was otherwise monopolized by the Government organizations across the world.

They were the 29th team to join in the competition and the only Indian team. With an exuberant passion, undying courage and unfathomable perseverance the team has worked towards a dream almost impossible and is now among the top 5 contenders!

The rover, ECA- ‘Ek Choti si Asha(A small hope)’ would be deployed once the spacecraft soft lands on the moon and take images and relay it to Earth by moving 500 m on the surface of the Moon.


ECA-'Ek Choti si Asha' Rover-Team Indus , Shwetha Krish, ShoePenLens
ECA-‘Ek Choti si Asha’ Rover – Team Indus


Team Indus today has 130 members headed by Mr. Rahul Narayan and consists of retired ISRO scientists as well. Their office is located in Jakkur, Bangalore

The team is gearing for a successful launch and have teamed up with ISRO for the Launch.

ECA is a beauty and wishing the Team Indus all the very best for an amazing and successful endeavor!

Let’s hope to see #HarIndiankaMoonshot

More so on Team Indus at All about Team Indus

I have been wanting to share this since my visit to Team Indus as their story is amazingly spectacular and the indomitable spirit is something to look up to and I am thoroughly inspired and motivated!

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