About 10 years ago, I had a constant feeling and a voice telling me, ‘What are you doing? Are you happy?’ This voice was robotic and somewhere I felt I was like a robot too with what I was doing with my life- Wake up, Work, Eat, Sleep and Repeat!

I probably needed a trigger to change myself and that happened when I met myself on a trek to the Himalayas. This is a story for another day but this was the turning point of my life.

I quit my job as a Human Resource Professional and wandered into the unknown.

Invest in yourself as this is the best Insurance you can have no matter what Life throws at you!

Shwetha Krish

With a slight idea that I would probably work on my Writing till I figure out what I will do next, I took upon variety of Content Writing gigs with startups, Photography gigs and then took up Digital Marketing as a freelancing gig for about 2 years.

The time I started with Digital Marketing, the same time I heard about Inner Engineering program and that’s when my Yoga journey started as well.

This was something that I had wished for all my life; the satisfaction, the happiness, the peace and it was all there within me and Yoga helped me tap into it.

This Inner journey has been the most beautiful of all journeys ever and I am still on the journey!

Then came the Pandemic during which I started a Podcast on Entrepreneurship interviewing Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs on their respective journeys.

While the Pandemic became a norm, I racked my brains on now what. I felt a strong urge to connect with nature, be in the Mountains. This led me to apply for a Trek Leader Job in a trekking organization. This was an enriching journey and pretty transformative for me and the trekkers that I took along in the Himalayas!

And while my Inner Journey has been satisfying and letting me see the world in a different perspective, I am in a stage where I want o support and help people ahead in their journeys which they have always wanted to and still haven’t. I want to be their Thinking Partner and help them think deeply which would help them to get closer to their dreams.

Here I am as a Life Coach with the niche of Personal Mastery wanting to help you transform and realise your dreams and help make the World a better place!