On being Productive while Working from Home

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”
-Charles Buxton

Do I concentrate on work or my children or cooking? Oh! My hands are full!

When do I get time for myself, I have been over-working?

How can I be efficient and enjoy working from home?

Can I ever be productive while I am working from home?

If you have ever felt any of the above, well let’s move ahead.

There is a thin line between going overboard with work when it comes to working from home. Or it can be the other way where you might be procrastinating important work while enjoying the liberty at home.

  • There are times when you feel helpless as there is company work along with house work and if you have children around it is a completely different ball game altogether!
  • At other times you could have binge watched a lot of movies or series on OTTs and avoided the necessary work to be done.

But trying to be productive amidst all the above scenarios is a possibility. We shall go and explore as to how we can be productive and enjoy ourselves while working from home!

I have had my share of experiences at both extremes; procrastinating my work at times or working over time which would eat up my meal times, quality time with my family. In the recent months, I have balanced to cope up with clients’ social media marketing work, my own projects along with teaching entrepreneurship on weekends to teenagers and also involving myself in Photography / Videography projects on Sundays! I also spent sufficient time on my Body, Mind and Soul through Yoga practices amidst all the above projects! That had me craving for more challenging projects. I certainly did enjoy myself.

Though I had my hands full, I was able to juggle them all with utter ease. I will talk more on these aspects in my Blogs. Stay Tuned!