On being a Minimalist – An attitude for Minimalism

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” —Vernon Howard

Have you ever wanted to live life joyfully with just the basic needs?

Have you ever felt that you are endlessly hoarding a lot of unnecessary stuffs?

Have you ever wanted a simple way of life?

Do you feel your mind cluttered which is mostly due to a lot of cluttered things at home?

There are a lot many times when I have bought dresses, books, unnecessary trinkets on a whim. Overtime they have occupied a lot of space at home.

Although, unconsciously I was on the spree of clearing a lot of clutter at home I wasn’t quite upto it. I now acknowledge this change in me and I am exploring every moment and cherishing the new Minimalist that I am.

I did donate a lot of clothes to the orphanage and also helped my mother to declutter her kitchen space. But at the end of it I realized there were a lot of unused and old things which had to be given away. My mother did have some sentiments about the things but we eventually did it.

But in the last 8 months, I had been to a residential program and it clearly evoked the Minimalist in me. I have never been happier and at this moment I still feel I have a lot of stuffs which I want to give away. When I am considering to buy certain things, I am conscious in making my decision. It all depends on whether you are buying it for a reason or a whim or just plainly hoarding things for the future.

I am pretty conscious in making decisions now and embracing this new lifestyle change. My Mother had her eyes rolled when I said, ” We have to give away all the unused useless things!” But she gave in and we have cleared a lot of things and home feels better, warmer and happier with lesser things.

We shall explore Minimalism in all aspects. Don’t leave this space!