CLAYSTATION: Pottery Studio where Imagination sets an artistic curve!

I had an opportunity to visit the Claystation, a Pottery studio here in Bangalore.

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It was a happy sight to see the artists (beginners and experts) take on the clay with such enthusiasm and turn it into a fabulous pieces of art. And just to gape at the interesting pieces of art at the pottery studio was something all the more exciting!

Claystation, Pottery Studio
A piece of Art, Claystation
Claystation, Pottery Studio
A sweet little pig, Claystation
Claystation, Pottery Studio
Sculptures, Claystation



To get one’s hands dirty, to focus on a piece of clay, to intricately making a brilliant piece, to forgetting about work-home tensions, to feel the joy of creation gives one a therapeutic feeling and makes the entire experience worthwhile.


Claystation, Pottery Studio
Mugs, Claystation
Masks, Claystation, Pottery Studio
A fancy Mug, Claystation, Pottery Studio
A fancy Mug, Claystation


So the process of pottery making begins with the artist working on the clay on a potter’s wheel to give it a shape of their imagination. Once the piece is off the wheel (making sure it has a solid base), it is dried. Later it is kept in a kiln(heated at a very high temperature). Once this is done, it can be glazed-this gives it a beautiful texture and color (well it is all about coloring the piece). There you go, your piece is ready. Sound simple eh?!… well certainly not- there is hours of focus, patience, precision and enthusiasm to get a piece of work straight. Kudos to all the artists. I am quite inspired by their dedication.

Claystation, Pottery Studio
An artistic bowl, Claystation
A glazed cup, Claystation, Pottery Studio
A glazed cup, Claystation
Claystation, Pottery Studio
A fancy face, Claystation


I was fortunate enough to click a few pieces of my friend and fellow artists 🙂 They were all wonderful, colorful and intricate pieces of Art. I was floored by their efforts.

Claystation, Pottery Studio
Reminds of the tree in LOTR
Claystation, Pottery Studio
Magnificent pieces of the Artists
Claystation, Pottery Studio
A designer piece, Claystation








Claystation, Pottery Studio
Artists gasping at their pieces of Art
Claystation, Pottery Studio
Lovely artists with their fabulous work
Claystation, Pottery Studio
The team with their Teachers, Claystation

Well, if you want to try out Pottery and learn a thing or two, visit this amazing artsy place. There are numerous beginner and advanced workshops for adults as well as kids.

Location: HSR Layout, Bangalore



PC: Pinterest


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