Inspiration at the hands of a Humble Potter!


A light drizzle paved a perfect start to a marvellous day, must say an inspiring one! With no plan in mind, two of us freaks; one an artist and me a photographer headed to the British coined colony ‘Pottery Town.’ It is an old settlement towards the Cantonment railway station, closer to Frazer town, Bangalore.

Pots and pots everywhere!
Pots and pots everywhere!

Pottery town is a single lane of pottery shops adjoining the potters’ houses. We could see around six shops which were open on this cloudy day. Though a rustic area, it isn’t spared by the onslaught of vehicles and pollution.

Pottery lane- from the angle of a potter
Pottery lane- from the angle of a potter

We blindly headed to one of the shops, the potter happened to be getting ready for the day. When asked if we can see and click pictures, he happily said, ” Yes, you can do whatever you want!” It was a single room with adjoining storage space at the back. The entire room was covered with pottery pieces, small statues and planters. The attic too was laden with a lot of terracotta pieces of pottery and statues. I clicked to my heart’s content at the small clay water pots and planters. Much to our delight, he was ready to showcase his work to us.

As he kneaded the clay and stomped on it, we went about a stroll on the dusty lane. There were a few potter houses in a narrow alley which was quite close to the make-shift fire kiln. There were around three kilns made of bricks, the space appeared to be hazy even though it wasn’t being used at the moment.

The fire kiln
The fire kiln


After a long wait at his shop, I was excited to watch the clay take shape at the potter’s hands. It was mesmerising and soothing too! Post a small talk with Rajashekar, the potter who was bearing us on his work day, I was keen on getting to know this artist.

He had learnt this art from his father when he was seven years old. Studying in the corporation school and coming back home to get his hands messy in this art was his everyday routine. Later on, he did happen to do a Diploma in Engineering but owing to not finding a job he went about getting a master’s degree in Pottery from Mumbai. He has been at this shop ever since he got back and says this is passion. Tells he, “I have innumerable customers but I take only a few owing to lack of time.”

The Man himself- Rajashekar engrossed in his passion, Pottery town
The Man himself- Rajashekar engrossed in his passion
Owl! Pottery at Pottery Town, Bangalore
Few of his works-Owl!
Hippo! Pottery at Pottery Town, Bangalore











When asked about displaying his work in fairs and exhibitions- He says, “Been there done that, I have exhibited my work in many places. I have received a lot of awards and certificates. I am tired with all that process of showcasing.”


A fresh made Pot right out of the hands of the Potter, Pottery Town, Bangalore
A fresh made Pot right out of the hands of the Potter
Making of Pottery , Pottery town, Bangalore
Making of Pottery
Pottery On the move, Pottery Town, Bangalore
Pottery On the move
A smooth pot , Pottery Town
A smooth pot
Nipping the pot, Pottery Town, Bangalore
Nipping the pot
Nipping the pot, Pottery Town
Nipping the pot

“I am making a living and securing my daughters’ education now. Once that is done, I plan to get my second daughter to have a pottery place of her own. She is a wonderful artist and has bagged many awards and laurels while at school and college,” he gushes with pride. Our heads turn towards the below idols which were made by his daughter.

Interesting pieces of Sculptures, Pottery town, Bangalore
Interesting pieces!

His future plans are to get back to experimenting and exploring Pottery extensively. And he wants to do that soon. The passion and determination to work wonders is something to learn from him.

Well there is no end to Art or to an Artist’s life. And he surely personified Art and Humbleness in the truest, deepest sense.

PC :

What can I say?! I am overwhelmed by this artist and inspired too! Lots to learn and understand. I told you this was an inspiring post.

Have you come across any inspiring artists? What was their story? I am all ears….

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