A design/art label of an independent artist, Sahan Sarvee.
Creating One of a kind, Unique Statement Pieces of Wearable Art and Keepsake Art Pieces.
At the moment, you can find Stori Pieces on Facebook and Instagram.

Storipieces on Facebook

Storipieces on Instagram

“In every work of Art, the artist himself is present”….. well in this case ‘herself’ Sahan Sarvee – the artist.

I was honoured and enjoyed to be a part of Stori Pieces through a small act of bringing the already brilliant, artistic, unique and amazing #storipieces to the fore. And when the artist is inspiring and super excited about the wonderful pieces – the moment becomes Magical.

The whole idea was to portray the pieces with the wearer. We had a good shoot under the sun and shade. The natural light post noon brought out the best in the pictures. Though nervous as this was my first professional product shoot, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Click here to view photos: Storipieces – Product Photography

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