Tso Pangong: A beautiful lake at 14200 feet, Ladakh

My heart skipped a beat when I caught a glimpse of Tso Pangong, shimmering in the September sunlight and vividly displaying its hues of blue. Me along with 5 other dudettes screamed aloud just as we got near the Lake.

Tso Pangong is an endorheic lake situated at a height of about 14200 odd feet in the Himalayas, Ladakh, J&K, India. It runs for about 134 km and through India and China. It can be reached from Leh through the Changla Pass or through Shyok.

Tso Pangong, the lake at its marvelous best, Ladakh, Pc: Shwetha Krish
Tso Pangong, the lake at its marvelous best


As I neared the water- it was crystal clear, I was teleported to a different place. Everything seemed stand-still. I was lost in the beauty of the lake. The purity of the lake serenades one into a trance and with the splendid shades of colour; turquoise, violet, indigo, blue, aquamarine, light green , you are bound to get high.  The landscape is beautiful. The brown mountains in the background added another shade of colour and helped the shutter-bug to capture the magic in a frame.

We could see Bramhini ducks floating about leisurely. The bar headed goose and marmots are the citizens at the lake.

The entirety of the place is supremely fantastic. The cold wind blowing across your face, the sun tiptoeing and spreading the warmth, the water gushing at the shore, the ripples putting on a music to soothe you, the mountains emblazoning their majestic look and the place knocking at the doors of your soul, trying to take a peek and find out if immense joy and peace are settled in completely! What can I say, I was floored by the beauty!

By the time, we decided to satiate our hunger, the sun was beating down on us harshly. We had a quick bite and travelled along the lake to reach our home-stay at Merak.

Tso Pangong with Bramhini ducks after Man, Ladakh, Pc: Shwetha Krish
Tso Pangong with Bramhini ducks
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