Gigantic White Silk Cotton Tree, Lalbagh

White Silk Cotton Tree, Lalbagh, PC: Shwetha Krish
White Silk Cotton Tree, Lalbagh

As I walk through the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens which is in Bangalore, India, I am enthralled by the verdure. The variety of flora and centenary old specimens is a sight to see.

The White Silk Cotton tree shown above is the largest specimen of the Kapok family(Ceiba Pentandra). The tree is gigantic and is 200 years old. The roots are enormously huge and so are the sturdy branches. It is home for a variety of birds.

Usually in the forests, they grow to a height of 25-30 metres. The orange flowers bloom in the month of spring. The fruits hold white cotton sticks and are used to make pillows and beds.

Nevertheless, it is a splendid sight for the sore eyes to see the immensely gorgeous tree and the beautiful wonder of nature.

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