I am ………well I always wonder, seems like that’s what I am here for in this world.


My New Found Journey….

Presently, I am a Freelance Digital Marketer, Writer and Photographer.

The horizons of writing is vast and so far I have keenly explored the following genres: Creative Writing, Content Writing, Blogging, Travel Writing. Each different and yet similar in their own ways.

Presently, I am offering Social Media Marketing(Handling Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), Content Writing(Blogs, LinkedIn Articles) services to clients in the field of Travel, Fashion, Building Management Systems and Financial Advisory and Consulting. More about this can be checked on my LinkedIn profile: Shwetha’s LinkedIn Profile

As a photographer, I have long had a fond relationship with my lens and together we have captured moments and experiences vastly categorised into Landscape Photography, Product Photography and Portrait Photography.

A few of my writings have found their way to reaching a wider audience by being published on various platforms in the genres: Travel Writing, Fiction(Short Story) and Travel Blogging.

As a freelancer I have collaborated with people for Travel Blogging, Content Writing, Social Media Content Management, Portrait Photography for a Startup. Also, I have taken up individual assignments of Product Photography for an artist’s handcrafted jewelery.

Passions then and now….

Writing and Photography have been my hobbies but over the recent years they have turned out to be more than that. 2015 is the year I decided to explore my passions and delve into them.

I have completed Comprehensive Creative Writing Course with Writers Bureau, UK in 2018. Few of my writings have been published in daily newspapers, e-zine and Travel websites: Published Works

Over the past 8 years I have been blogging at ShoePenLens where one can find my travel/trekking stories,  short stories, life musings, philosophies, poems, reviews and photographs mostly taken during my extensive travel to the Himalayas off late.

Shwetha Krish in Dzongri, Sikkim
Shwetha Krish in Dzongri, Sikkim

I have always enjoyed myself behind the lens and capture the beauty of the world through my eyes. Himalayas brought me close to spectacular landscapes, people and amazing places which compelled the shutter-bug in me to frame the marvels.


I have been an avid trekker to the Western Ghats and Himalayas. I have taken to travelling a lot since the past three years especially trekking in the Himalayas.  Also, I am exploring the unknown!

Being an adventurer…

Shwetha Krish in Pondicherry
Shwetha Krish in Pondicherry

I am an adventurer, always wanting to live on the edge. The pursuit of ‘Meaning of Life’ has been my raison d’etre and of course truly believe in ‘Variety is the spice of Life.’ I  feel ‘Reality’ is a distraction as it takes you away from the miracle of Life!

The old bridges…

Though I started out as a Computer Science Engineer, I was inclined to Management, more so became an HR professional. But my soul did always ask the question – “Is this all?” The question did spur me on a mission to find my calling and hence have felt an inclination towards the Arts lately.

The revelation…

More than anything, I am working on myself. I am in the process of un-labelling myself; quite a task when I am exploring Me. So, I am on a road less travelled soaking in the beautiful experiences and chance-meets!

That’s me as of now, well I maybe a pilot or a conservationist in the future! Keep glued to this space to know if I would take to the skies!