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Elated that a few of my articles have been published.

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Travel Article: A Stairway to Heaven – Deccan Herald Daily Newspaper

Stairway to Heaven

Travel Article: Ghats Beckon – Deccan Herald Daily Newspaper

Ghats Beckon

Fiction Short Story: Indus woman writing E-zine

The Last Mile

Travel Article: Trodly Travel Website

KumaraParvatha: Tryst with the clouds


Travel Blog Articles: Tripoto Blog

  1. In search of Kanchenjunga

In search of Kanchenjunga

      2. Six adventurers on the Ladakh Odyssey!

Six adventurers on the Ladakh Odyssey

      3. Perks of trekking

Perks of Trekking

A Coffee Table Book by Shwetha Krish

Himalayas through Soulful Frames- A Journey of pixels and words.

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